Jim Foster

Oviedo Carpet's Owner Jim Foster and the New Year 2012

Our owner, Jim Foster has been installing carpet and other such services for over 30 years. He is dedicated to providing a high quality service for a low price. Our team has a vision to complete all our jobs, accident free and on time. We strongly believe getting the job done properly and finished on or before its deadline is a reasonable goal for our new year of 2012.

Seminole County Carpet Contracting Company

Our company is available to work on Seminole County facilities. We use a wide variety of tools to accomplish our flooring projects in Seminole County. We provide more than just carpet, we offer tile, vinyl, wood, and marble flooring in Seminole County. However, we do specialize in carpet installation throughout the county. Seminole county is a growing county and we want to offer our flooring needs to the ever-growing number of citizens in central Florida. We service most cities without a service fee, some areas will require a fee for an estimate. Our carpet companies central location is in Oviedo, Fl. We do not feature a showroom our salesmen visit you in your home and estimate sq/ft and provide you with samples of product to choose from. When choosing carpet it is best to purchase higher grades of carpet, this can provide you with more comfort and durability.

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Orlando Carpet's carpet blog spot

This is Orlando Carpet's carpet blog spot, this is where we feel we can freely express all of our undying love for carpet. I know what your thinking, who wants to write a carpet blog and why. We are starting a blog because writing about our past and present experiences will help our customers better understand our company and the way we handle our carpet customers. It all started with many long years of hard work. Installing carpet is not the easiest job in the world. Many carpet installers have fallen by the way-side and never returned to the carpet industry. Our mission is to maintain a up-to-date carpet practice and cater to the many carpet needs in Oviedo, Florida.

Having a passion for carpet is what comes natural to us, we have been it the carpet installation business for over 45 years. Servicing all the way from Michigan to right here in Oviedo. One of our founders Jim Foster has owned multiple carpet and remodeling companies throughout his live. He is a diligent hard worker and doesn't miss a detail. He personally ensures that all his jobs are done to his personal high standards.

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